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2018 NOVA FCA Summer Internship Program

Our College Internship program is 8 weeks long, with mandatory dates from May 26 - August 1.  It involves serving in many different capacities, such as shadowing our NOVA FCA staff, serving different leadership roles at camps, and fulfilling administrative work in the NOVA FCA Office. If you cannot do the 8-week long Internship Program, but still want to get involved, there are plenty opportunities with a number of camps.

The only requirement to be considered to be part of the 2018 College Internship Program is that you must have completed at least one year of college.

If you are interested in a Summer Internship with NOVA FCA, please Click Here to Apply. Questions? Feel free to contact us at (703) 828-7892 or

Internship Compensation

For the 8-week College Internship Program, participants can earn up to $3000.

Part of the process of being on staff with FCA is to understand how a non profit ministry is run. As staff members, we are required to raise our salary as well as administrative costs and any money that is required for activities to take place. As part of the College Internship Program, you will contact people in your community, friends, family members, and mentors to ask them join in you in your efforts to raise financial support for the summer. The support you raise will be your pay check up to the allotted amount. Any extra support you raise will go into supporting NOVA FCA as a ministry and helping other future members of the College Internship Program as well as cover the expenses created beyond the salary, such as: merchandise, training, retreat expenses, postage and supplies for fundraising mailing, check processing fees, and other administrative costs.

You will receive 3 paychecks:

  • July 1 – The amount that you have raised before June 15
  • August 1 - The amount that you have raised from June 15 – July 15
  • September 1 – The amount that you have raised from July 15 – August 15

The maximum salary for the 8 weeks is $3000.*

*Please note that this is taxed by the Federal Government just like any other job.